Welcome to ANSSER

This website has been developed for patients who have been prescribed Apomine® (apomorphine hydrochloride hemihydrate) injection using the D-mine® Pen, or infusion using with the D-mine® Pump

Call your ANSSER nurses on 1800 276 646 or email info@ansser.com.au

This phone service is available Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 9 am to 5 pm AEST.

Each nurse has a specific roster that may vary. If you require contact with a specific nurse,
please call 1800 276 646 to organise.

The Apomine® Nurse Support Service (ANSSER) is a national team of mobile, registered nurses with experience in caring for people living with Parkinson’s disease.

Your ANSSER nurses provide expert support for Apomine® (apomorphine hydrochloride hemihydrate) treatment and use of the D-mine® Pen and D-mine® Pump devices.

How your ANSSER team can help

ANSSER nurses provide in-person and virtual support in metro, non-metro, and private centres to help give you confidence in using your Apomine® device.

Your ANSSER team can help conduct or manage:

Pre-assessment consultation*

Training and assistance with D-mine® Pen or D-mine® Pump operation, care, and replacement

Providing patient support materials

Skin management information

Assistance with accessing
D-mine® Pen and D-mine® Pump consumables

* After a decision to prescribe Apomine® has been made

When should you contact your ANSSER nurse?

Talk to your ANSSER nurse before you start treatment with Apomine® Intermittent using the D-mine® Pen, or anytime you have questions about the D-mine® Pen

If you are starting treatment with Apomine® Solution for Infusion using the D-mine® Pump, your ANSSER nurse will provide intensive support for the first 3 months and periodically after that time

  • MONTH 1

    Weekly visits & phone contact

  • MONTH 2-3

    Fortnightly contact

  • MONTH 4-5

    Monthly contact

  • MONTH 6+

    Bi-monthly contact

Where are your ANSSER nurses located?

The ANSSER service nurses are based across Australia to reach patients in all states and territories.

Welcome to ANSSER

Find out how the Apomine® Nurse Support Service can help give you confidence with your Apomine® treatment and device

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D-mine® Pump

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