Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to common questions about treatment with Apomine®, click on the links below.

  • ANSSER can provide support for patients and carers over the phone, in hospitals, in aged care facilities or at home
  • ANSSER nurses can provide support for patients and carers over the phone, in hospital, or at home.

    Call 1800 276 646 or email for a qualified registered nurse trained in Parkinson’s disease to conduct or manage:

    • Pre-assessment consultation
    • Training and assistance with D-mine® Pen or D-mine® Pump operation, care, and replacement
    • Providing patient support materials
    • Skin management information
    • Assistance with accessing D-mine® Pen and D-mine® Pump consumables
  • How do I store my Apomine® Intermittent cartridges ?
  • Unopened cartridges
    • Store below 25°C
    • Do not refrigerate or freeze
    • Protect from light

    Open cartridges
    • Once opened, cartridge contents should be used within 72 hours
    • Store D-mine® Pen with cartridge below 25°C
    • Store D-mine® Pen in carry case after removing needle
    Cartridge expiration
    • Cartridge shelf-life is 2 years – check expiry date on the packaging before use
    • The contents of the cartridge can be used for up to 72 hours after the first injection. Discard the cartridge and any remaining contents once 72 hours has elapsed.
  • How do I store my Apomine® Solution for Infusion?
  • Unopened vials
    • Store below 25°C
    • Do not refrigerate or freeze
    • Protect from light
    Vial expiration
    • Vial shelf-life is 3 years – check expiry date on the packaging
    • For single use only - use contents of vial within 24 hours of puncture
    • Discard any solution remaining in vial 24 hours after opening
  • How do I change the D-mine® Pump battery?
  • The D-mine® Pump comes with two rechargeable batteries that are charged by the docking station when it is plugged into mains power. The battery in the pump will recharge when the pump is placed in the docking station. To charge the spare battery, slide it into the docking station until it clicks into place.

    To change the rechargeable battery, follow these steps:

    1. Stop drug delivery

    2. Press and hold the battery release button on the back of the pump and remove the battery from the battery compartment

    3. Remove the charged spare battery from the docking station and insert it into the battery compartment

    4. Once the pump switches back on, select the reservoir and restart drug delivery

  • How can I track my symptoms?
  • Keeping a daily record of your symptoms is important to effectively manage your Parkinson’s disease.

    This Patient On-Off Diary provides a simple way to track:

    • Which symptoms occur
    • When these symptoms occur
    • When you take your medications

  • How can I manage skin issues?
  • Side effects that may occur with Apomine® include lumps under the skin, rashes, or ulcers at the injection site, which are sore, troublesome, and may be red and itchy. Talk to your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist if you notice any of these and it worries you. These effects are usually mild and short-lived.

    This Skin Management leaflet provides advice and tips for helping to minimise or prevent these skin reactions, including:

    • Correct hand hygiene
    • Choosing and preparing the infusion site
    • Needle insertion techniques
  • How do I get a Travel Information Letter?
  • When travelling, people who use Apomine® can carry an information letter that explains that they self-administer an injectable medicine for treating Parkinson’s disease, as well as describing the equipment that is needed to administer the Apomine®.

    Talk to your ANSSER nurse if you require help completing any of the details in this Travel Information Letter.

  • How do I get a Medical Emergency Card?
  • A Medical Emergency Card is useful to quickly and easily give medical or emergency workers information about your Apomine® treatment.

    Complete this Medical Emergency Card and carry it with you at all times. Talk to your ANSSER nurse if you require help completing any of the details.

  • Where can I find other resources?
  • Here are some of the organisations and websites where you can find information and resources about living with Parkinson’s disease and managing a chronic disease. Click on the links below to learn more.

    By clicking these links you will leave the site.

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